The Unit Second blog is dedicated to providing useful and factual technology information to people who may not be as informed about the technological world. The information comes from Ed Brockton a software developer, living in London, Ed has had a long career within the Tech world and is now in charge of his own team, if you would like to find out more about Ed then click here for more information.

Technology has grown vastly over recent years and it is almost impossible to think that 100 years ago technology had barely existed. Even in the past 30 years, everything has changed so much wherein 1984 only 8.2% of households owned a computer in the USA and in 2000 more than 51% then owned a computer. Today many people do not even have a computer in their homes but they choose to use laptops for their portability and ease of use. Also, 5 billion people across the world now own a mobile phone, showing how incredible the market is for new and fast technology.

Technology has brought so much, entertainment, environmental advancements, and a variety of other technological advancements, and this blog is just one site that highlights the greatness and usefulness of technology features. The blog is also there to try and teach people how to make the most out of their technology so that they can embrace the full use of them.