I’m Ed Brockton the man behind the Unit Second blog. I was born and raised in London and I tell you what an amazing place to grow up in with all this technology growing around me, I was obsessed and thus pursued this (what was then thought of as crazy) tech career that has lasted me throughout my life.

I am the head of a software development team after working in various fields of technology up until this point and I absolutely love my job. To think that technology can develop so much over such a short amount of time is bonkers and I am excited to see what happens in this second part of my life now that I am turning 50. I have personally seen such a huge growth in my industry even over recent years and it does not seem to ever stop.

A bit of personal information about me is that I have a wife and twin girls who have just turned 18, and we live with our 3 sausage dogs. Every day is very hectic as everyone is on different chaotic schedules but we always make it home for tea so that we can talk about the craziness that was our day. On the weekends we tend to go down to Brighton to walk the dogs, whilst the girls do their own thing, and in summer every day is a BBQ!

I hope you learn something from my blog and you enjoy everything there is to know about technology!