As cyber-attacks become more common, businesses need to consider cyber security monitoring. Here are three reasons why businesses should adopt this approach:


To track progress

By monitoring their cyber security, businesses can track the progress of their cyber security efforts and ensure that they are making progress in protecting their data and systems.

Businesses can protect their computer systems by installing software that will monitor and track the number and severity of cyber-attacks. They can also hire cyber security experts to help protect their systems, who can advise or take care of the whole process for them.

It can be better for a  business to spend its time on what it knows and this is unlikely to be cyber security. So, this is when it is useful to be able to call upon help outside of our organization. This can add renewed expertise in this area and help businesses to deal with the threat that is always there. New threats are being created every day by new viruses and ways of reaching data in an unauthorized way. To track our progress is to see how effective we are at combatting such threats to our computer systems that we rely so much on as a business.


To identify weaknesses

By monitoring their cyber security, businesses can identify weaknesses in their cyber security defenses and take steps to address them.

Potential cyber threats might include:

  • Employees with access to confidential data may sell this information to competitors.
  • A cyber attacker could find a way to take control of systems and plant malware that could be used to steal or destroy data.
  • Passwords and other security measures may be compromised if not properly managed.

We should make sure that all employees quickly become familiar with the importance of not sharing passwords. For passwords to prove effective they should not be obvious. However, if they are easy to remember for the individual then there should be no need to write them down and create a security risk in that sense. Also, limit passwords to only staff who need to know them. At the same time, make sure they are wide enough known to not create problems when someone is on leave and another is potentially off sick at the same time.

To identify these potential threats, businesses need to monitor their systems for signs of unusual or suspicious activity. They can do this by keeping track of the number and types of cyber-attacks, as well as the information that is being accessed or stolen.

To prevent data breaches:

By monitoring their cyber security, businesses can prevent data breaches and the resulting damage to their reputation and bottom line.

Data breaches can occur when cyber attackers gain access to confidential data, such as customer information or employee records. They can also occur when cyber criminals steal this data from businesses. It has to be said that businesses are at greater risk of a security attack because of the value of the information that they hold. This is in terms of selling it to competitors or many customers’ bank accounts being able to be compromised. We have to protect everyone when we are the guardian of data.


To thwart attacks

By monitoring their cyber security, businesses can detect attempted IT attacks and take steps to thwart them before they cause damage.

Cyber-attack prevention is less costly than cure and we can ensure it by knowing how to prevent security threats ourselves or by knowing someone who does. We should take all advice on board, whether a member of staff, a manager, or a business owner. We cannot stress enough the importance of not just assuming that it will not happen to us. The proof is that data breaches have happened to so many businesses already and caused major disruption to them. There are far more stories than are making the news. They can all potentially have devastating consequences for a business.



By monitoring their cyber security, businesses can protect their data and systems from cyber-attacks. We can control destiny in a sense. We can achieve greater control over it with the help of others who know all the risks that we are potentially exposed to as a business simply trying to serve customers and clients and honestly make money.

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